Posted By: Sandeep Gupta Posted on: 8/8/2015 5:08:18 PM

If you give me rice, I’ll eat today,

If you teach me how to grow rice, I’ll eat every day.

-Mahatma Gandhi

A consortium of envisioned and dedicated entrepreneurs technocrats  conceived the brilliant idea of AASTHAN ISET  to train and equip young minds of the region in the diverse and specialized fields of contemporary Education, Training, Testing, Calibration, Production, Real Estate, Building, Colonising, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail & Consultancy. AASTHAN ISET is a forum that provides requisite launch pad to the budding youngsters to carve out a niche for themselves while facing the bigger & bolder challenges of the 21st century. AASTHAN ISET - a citadel of sublime learning envisages to attain this objective though systematic integration of technology and conventional mode of imparting knowledge. With the inception of αP4 way back in 1991, myriads of new vistas and opportunities have mushroomed in the private sector undertakings and Multi - National conglomerates. AASTHAN ISET aspires to cater to the demands of the modern industry.

Since the ancient exquisite GURU - SHISHYA tradition, the Indian education system has now evolved into one of the finest in the world. In today’s cut- throat competition world, there’s no place for mediocrity. To survive & succeed in the treacherous 21st  century one’s motto must be “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”    & “SKY’S THE LIMIT”

AASTHAN ISET is not merely an ambitious and abstract notion but a concrete reality a long - cherished dream come true.